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DST is an easy accessible and low-cost platform of connecting people through shipping services where consumers across the globe can ship items to their locations efficiently. All that matters to DST is building relationships and trust with clients to be an excellent dispatching partner.


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Local Same Day Delivery Specialists For Personal or Business Clients

International service

We provide International courier services and handle all B2C and B2B cross-border transactions involving the movement of e-Commerce & express parcels, documents and international freight. We offer the most efficient and optimum door-to-door services for import and export of documents, parcels and cargo. Our delivery options are designed to suit the customer’s needs, package size, budget and time window. Our customized solutions offer the benefits like flexibility, defined transit time, complete information regarding declarations and authorities, and real-time tracking information. So if you want to send a courier from Europe to the US or send a parcel to India from the US, trust us for hassle-free delivery.

Domestic service

We are a well-known parcel delivery services company and offer door-to-door, secure and cost-effective solutions for e-Commerce and parcel deliveries within the country. Our wide range of products and service offerings are tailor-made to meet the client's requirements. In addition to this, our delivery experts handle all your products carefully and deliver them on time. With our automated tracking system in place, it becomes extremely convenient to track shipments and facilitate smooth pick-up and delivery management.

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