international courier services

Day by day the globe is becoming short, not according to the size but in terms of relationships. Personal or professional, one has been related to the other at a point of time across the world. we care your emotions, we respect your profession by delivering your valuables with great care in quick time to ensure our reliability.


Heavy or light weight, important or no urgent, document or non documents, DST has everything you are looking for. Our International shipping service is unique and most reliable compared to the present trend. All the preliminary formalities are done through online with free shipping facilities. Our efficient team will collect your valuables at your door step making the entire process easy and simple without wasting your valuable time.

Finally you can relax with our time to time tracking updates. We guarantee, that you will no longer need to monitor your shipment as we say, reliability is our ideal.


Keeping the reliability since 2017

Client trust is our primary goal and right from the start of our service it has been intact. We offer wide range of goods shipment through train, ship and air cargoes even to the remote locations across the world.


For instance some of the shipments we provide are as follows,

  1. Kitchen Items
  2. Documents and Non documents
  3. All Boxed goods
  4. Non perishable goods
  5. Home appliances


Easy Planning: We make everything easy for you without wasting your valuable time. Just schedule your shipment and mention date and time. That's enough, our efficient team members will do rest of the work.

Less price range: Compared to the present trend we offer less price with the best service. The price range vary based on the cargo type but believe us, every price we quote would be less for our clients when they compare with other service agents, that's for sure.

Get Relax: Our time to time tracking system ensures you feel relaxed. You no longer need to get tensed about your product safety as we deliver it with at most care.

covid-19 update

Due to current conditions, please be aware shipments may experience possible delays. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.
Please do not hesitate to contact DST Courier customer support at regarding any questions that you may have, or for further assistance.

safety first!

Social distancing is the need of the hour!! It’s a tough call but we need to make it. This is time to sacrifice our social life and prioritize public safety. Stay indoors as much as you can and make the most of this…

Social distancing

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  • Consider if face-to-face meetings can be replaced by a teleconference or online event

Hygienic Etiquette

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  • Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects people frequently touch
covid-19 update