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Our postal address is:142 Enchanted Pkwy #200b, Manchester, MO 6302. We can be reached via email at info@dstcourier.com or by telephone at 314-472-5731.

Our vision is to make your work simple. Just follow these steps and get relaxed.

  1. Make a call to 314-472-5731and finalize the quote.
  2. Make a call to 314-472-5731and finalize the quote.
  3. Mail your From and To address to Info@dstcourier.com.
  4. Very soon we will send the label and payment link.
  5. Complete the payment.
  6. You can drop off the package at the nearest location or we can arrange the pickup.
  7. Any changes in the weight will reflect in the price increase.

Yes we do. Up to $1000 insurance we charge $13, and after that for each $100 it takes $1.

Yes, as soon as you complete your schedule shipment process on our website, you will be provided with unique tracking number that allows you to track your shipment door to door with 24/7 access.

Shipping with DST is simple and economical, follow the steps outlined below to ship with DST.

- Schedule your shipment on our website http://www.dstcourier.com

- Print your prepaid shipping label, which we will email you once you complete your order online.

- You can arrange for door pickup at nominal pickup charge or drop off at the nearest FedEx location at no extra cost.

- Once Shipment arrives at our facility via FedEx we will ascertain weight and dimensions of your shipment and charge payment method you used at the time of scheduling your shipment.

No, we do not have any minimum weight requirement, we can ship from document to large cargo. We can arrange pickup from almost anywhere with no minimum weight or volume requirement.